SanDisk has launched a memory card that it is angling as specific to netbook owners.

The SanDisk Netbook SDHC removable flash memory card is said to offer consumers "an easy and affordable way to significantly increase their netbooks' storage capacity".

For anyone not clear on how this might play out, the memory company has your back: "Consumers simply insert the SanDisk Netbook SDHC card into a netbook’s card slot", says SanDisk, "To add capacity instantly".

With a 5-year limited warranty, offered in 8GB or 16GB variants, and available at, SanDisk is charging $39.99 for the 8GB version and $79.99 for the 16GBer.

We have asked SanDisk for clarification as to the difference between the Netbook variant, and say, a normal SDHC card and are waiting to hear back.

UPDATE: A SanDisk spokesperson says: "The card offers the same functionality as an SDHC standard card, and it's also the same price, there is no premium for purchasing a Netbook SDHC over a standard SDHC".

"SanDisk received some feedback from netbook owners, finding that there was a percentage that didn't realise that they could get a card to back up their information, ultimately, this card makes it clear and addresses that problem".