If foreign languages aren't your strong point, you might need this in your life. The Travel Translator is a little pocket-sized device which translates your shouting at the locals into the appropriate regional dialect.

The unit claims to translate happily between English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese.

It's got a library of 705 phrases on board, in a variety of categories including directions, hotels, sightseeing, shopping and (rather importantly) "Emergency and Medicine".

We wonder if the "romance" category is folded in with "entertainment" or "general speech"? "No me importa mirar, pero prefiero no participar."

The Travel Translator won't weigh you down - it's just 120g - and it won't break the bank either - £40 will put it in your pocket. It's out of stock at the time of writing, but the website is promising more will arrive on 25 May .