Ultra Motors has announced the launch of the new A2B electric bike range, describing it as a "top-choice alternative to cars and public transport".

Aimed at those fed up with the daily grind of commuting, there are two models - the A2B Metro and A2B Hybrid.

The Metro is a power on demand electric bike while the Hybrid is pedal-assist model.

The power on demand A2B Metro means riders can choose either to pedal or cruise under power whereas the Hybrid model just offers "assist" when the rider needs a boost.

Boasting road speeds of 15mph, the range for the Metro is 20 miles while the Hybird can manage 50. Recharging is said to cost as little as 7p.

Available in white, black and silver, depending on model, the A2B Metro is £1949, while the A2B Hybrid will cost £1749.