Lightning GPS has announced what it says is the world's first ever covert GPS tracker built into a fully functional touch screen navigation system.

The "NavGenius" promises to "monitor a driver's every move" and it comes with two manuals, one for the user of the car that doesn't mention any of the tracking features and one for the "real driver" of the device (cue evil laughter).

Thanks to its internet capabilities, the GPS can interact with, and be controlled by, other devices and services over the internet and can send out SMS or email alerts to the owner if, for example, it goes out of an authorised range or if the vehicle it's on breaks the speed limit.

With an online mapping system, users can check on a family member or fleet vehicle in real-time from any computer, in addition, for those not being sneaky about the device's capabilities, routes can be sent to the unit from the web.

The Lightning GPS "NavGenius" will ship in the States in mid April 2009, pricing on application.