Firebox is offering a solution for those that want to be able to navigate around crowded city centres without having to bury their nose in a map, or flaunt expensive GPS devices in public.

The brand new "Sat Nav Shoes" from Droidwear integrate GPS technology to guide wearers from postcode to postcode.

The left Sat Nav Shoe contains the technology with the control unit accessible from underneath its tongue. Enter your starting and destination postcodes, follow the shoe's directions (which appear basic from the images) and you're away.

An LED "bubble" in the front of the shoe acts as a visual guide and users will also hear a beep when they are heading in the wrong direction.

Built-in speakers offer voice guidance, but for those who don't want their footwear broadcasting "turn left in 50 yards", there's Bluetooth hook-up too for instructions through your mobile phone headset.

Powered by two rechargeable AA batteries, which will limit your journey time to 2.5 hours, the Sat Nav Shoes are a Firebox exclusive, available now for £129.95.