Watching the TV at home could be about to get a whole lot more relaxing if Japanese company Inada have anything to do with it.

The company has just released the world's first full-body massage chair so you can get a gentle going over while you watch the box.

Designed to look like a business class chair you would find on an aeroplane, the Sogno DreamWave offers eight preset massage programmes plus the ability to programme the 40 different motors and air cushions the chair has to create a massage that works for you.

For those that are into their massage, that means 55 Shiatsu points on your body are gently and firmly massaged by the chair after it has scanned your height and weight based on infra-red information it gets when you sit down.

The Inada Sogno (which means Dream in Italian) costs £5700 and is available in the UK.