Leyio's already announced "personal sharing device" has been priced for launch in the UK. Due to debut in April, the PSD that lets users exchange digital content away from their computer, will cost £159.

Leyio sees the device being used for sharing Facebook information, swapping digital entertainment or exchanging business cards, so it will be interesting to see if people are prepared to pay for the privilege.

The Leyio uses "ultra-wide band" a radio frequency used for short-range high-bandwidth communications to send info quickly, with the claim of a 10MB movie transferred in 1 second.

With 16GB memory, 128 x 128 OLED screen and built-in fingerprint scanner, the device offers a rechargeable battery and a "Shuttle" 2GB flash memory stick, which detaches from the PSD and plugs into a user's PC's USB port.