Did you know your mobile phone is at risk from viruses? We don't mean the "Sexy View" kind, but the microscopic, bacterial type...

Purelight wants to flog phone owners a wand-type gadget that will kill bacteria on mobile phones with a "sweep of light".

The Purelight MD is a portable "flip" offering that uses the power of UV-C light to exterminate 99.7% of invisible bugs and bacteria on your mobile.

This light breaks down the microbial DNA, killing the germs and viruses responsible for causing disease without any chemical residue.

"Holding your phone to your mouth is as dangerous as placing your face on a toilet bowl, and yet we do it all day long without a second thought", says PureLight's MD.

Purelight's MD flip is available now for £35 plus VAT from www.purelightUKltd.com.