The humble USB drive. Useful but incredibly boring at the same time. Of course they don't always have to be boring, as we've found with this little fella.

It's a USB thumb drive that's been turned into a robot. Why? We aren't sure, but damn is he cute. Of course, we've seen a fair few robot-shaped flash drives in our time, but this one is a particularly nice effort.

The retro-styled robot comes with a chrome-type finish and can store a not too shabby 4GB of data giving you plenty of room to save pictures, documents, spreadsheets, basically anything you can think of that is a large 4K movie.

The drive itself measures 75mm tall and the dinky device can be attached to your keyring to you can take him wherever you go. If you can track the dinky robot down, it will cost you around $25.00.

Good robot.