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(Pocket-lint) - Marantz has announced a new all-in-one music system, the CR502 CD DAB receiver.

The compact music system is a space saver, but the company insists that this is not at the expense of sound quality or system functionality.

With an aluminium shell and a shiny black fascia, the CR502 hides two stereo amplifiers, each with 2 x 25 watts, behind a pretty exterior - totalling 100 watts of music power.

In stereo mode you can enjoy 2 x 50 watts of stable power, while audiophiles can revel in the bi-amping possibilities of 4 x 25 watts, and the subwoofer-out feature as well.

On-board playback options include a CD drive – which will handle regular, as well as CDR/RW, and MP3 and WMA encoded compact discs – plus a DAB and FM/AM tuner, complete with 50 presets.

Additionally, the USB input allows music playback from music stored in a USB enabled digital music device.

Other features of the CR502 include the clock and sleep functions, and the headphones output for more private listening.

We're waiting on pricing and availability information from Marantz and we'll keep you updated.

Marantz has told us we can expect to see this in the shops at the end of April, and will cost £500 without speakers.

Writing by Verity Burns. Originally published on 24 February 2009.