Red Rock Products has released its universal Nike+ Sensor adapter, called the Bean Pod.

The compact Bean Pod will allow runners and walkers the ability to use their Nike+ sensor on any brand of running shoes they please.

Nike+ is a venture by Nike and Apple iPod, who teamed up together a few years ago to offer a system that allowed iPod users to get real-time audio feedback on their running through their headphones.

Runners would hear information on their pace, time, distance and calories burned, but only if they were wearing special Nike+ shoes. For those who already had perfectly good running shoes, this made it a bit of an expense too far.

The Bean Pod solves this problem and means you'll be able to get the same Nike+ feedback in whatever brand shoes you own.

Inventor and patent holder Tom Amon, began the Bean Pod after making several for his wife and running buddies.

"Everyone should have access to the Nike+ iPod Sensor technology so that they can make the most of their exercise", he said.

To take advantage, runners simply lace the Bean Pod to their shoelaces and then carry the Nike+ sensor in their pocket for a clear signal to the iPod receiver.

There's no news on pricing or European availability but we'll certainly keep you updated with any news we hear.