Freeplay have shown off their new ZipCharge power stick at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The ZipCharge is designed for those on the move and provides portable power for charging your phone. There is a twist, however.

Featuring a nano-phosphate lithium cell, the ZipCharge only takes 10 minutes to charge to full capacity, thanks to this advanced battery technology.

A supplied cable comes with a variety of tips to then connect your phone or other mobile device to charge as normal. The ZipCharge has a 1100mAh capacity, so will fully charge most handheld mobile devices.

Measuring 23 x 23 x 112mm, and weighing only 140g, it is finished in polished aluminium and black plastic.

Interestingly, Freeplay have expanded this technology into a unit that has the capacity to power a notebook (basically putting three bars into one block). Again, it still only takes around 10 minutes to charge to capacity. We’re hoping that this technology finds its way into standard notebooks, so you don’t have to spend hours charging!

The ZipCharge is expected to hit shops in April, costing £60.