Navteq has taken advantage of the 2009 Mobile World Congress to showcase its range of mapping solutions and devices.

Including the new and updated Navteq Traffic, which introduces the company's traffic information service to Europe, there are also a few more new services the company has taken the opportunity to boast about.

Navteq Discover Cities is one of them, which helps customers explore their chosen destination outside of their car doors. With availability in 86 cities around the world, Discover Cities adds pedestrian-relevant attributes to the Navteq map, including things such as walkways, pathways, and tunnels.

Discover Cities also includes extensive public transport information, which enables users to choose between routes all on foot, or those taking public transport into account as well.

Another new product is the Dynamic POI Content, a data feed which delivers relevant, real-time point of interest information to maps so you'll be able to double check your surroundings.

POI Content will also include Air Travel Status such as flight arrival and departure times, and in North America, users will be able to access local fuel pricing and movie listings as well.

For full information on all the products offered by Navteq and the devices you can find them on, head over to the Navteq website.