Navteq has launched Traffic Patterns Europe v2.0, an updated historic traffic database that now includes coverage of the UK.

The newest version includes typical traffic speeds on 120,000km of primary and secondary roads across the UK and nearly 200,000km of
similar coverage for Germany.

Additionally, Traffic Patterns for Europe also now includes speed values in 15-minute intervals, to provide the most relevant historical traffic information for specific times of day, and seven daily traffic models to cover each day of the week individually.

Any routing applications using Traffic Patterns are able to give drivers the information they need to decide when and how to avoid typically congested areas, and as such, provide more accurate route planning.

Howard Hayes, vice president of Navteq Traffic said: "Our
launch of Navteq Traffic Patterns in the UK is another step in our
dedicated effort to offer European commuters quality traffic information that will save them time and money".