Vexia has announced the launch of econav, describing it as a new, green category of satnav that reduces your fuel consumption by up to a third by showing you the most economical and ecological way to drive.

The bold claims from Vexia suggest that as well as saving you money, the econav reduces the amount of CO2 your motor produces. "The first ecological GPS in the world" is said to cut your carbon emissions by up to 30% - and pay for itself in the first 6 months of use.

The econav works by telling you in real time the most economical and ecological way to drive. If you input your car type from a database of 6000, fuel type and occupancy level, the system will direct you on the route that is kindest to your fuel consumption.

In addition, based on the info you've input that tells the satnav the car's engine dynamics, the econav will advise you on which gear to use, while the "Accelerator Pedal Indicator" will show whether you are using the accelerator pedal correctly or not, based on what the software says is the optimum acceleration of the car and the speed of the road.

The econav will be available in two models, the 3.5-inch 350 and the 4.3-inch 430. Both offer colour touchscreens, automatic day or night mode and tunnel mode.

European versions are available for both models and are priced from £159.99, due to be available from March 2009.