You don't want tacky hearts, microwaves and other such nonsense to show a gadget lover you love them. Be bold this year, go red. Here are five gadgets that will be useful all year around not just on Valentine's Day.

Seagate FreeAgent Go

Yes it's a hard drive, but you could add that romantic touch to the 320GB storage offering by filling it with pictures of yourself, music for them to listen to, or even just leave it empty so you can fill it with memories of each other. Arh... On the geek front, it's the slimmest external drive available on the market and at a height of only 12.5mm the Seagate FreeAgent Go easily fits into your pocket if you need something to cover up your excitement.

Tangent Uno FM radio

A song for the lovers? Well to do that you need something that plays music and the heavy, curved, wooden cabinet and 50s retro tuning dialled Tangent Uno thinks it can offer you just that. It's FM rather than DAB so you don't need to worry about whether your signal is strong enough and you'll get a 5 watt amplifier and Hi-fi quality 3-inch speaker in the process. Oh, and it will look beautiful in your kitchen when you're lumped with washing up after that romantic meal for two.

Nokia E63

If you want to keep "connected" get your partner a bright red Nokia E63, the latest smartphone from the Finnish phone maker. The new model designed for people "who need to manage their business and personal lives equally well" builds on the success of the Nokia E71. That red - it's ruby red - romantic.
£price dependent on contract

Sharp LC-19D1E TV

The Sharp LC-19D1E range is a new 19-incher, and with its slimline design makes the "ultimate style statement" for any room in the house - supposedly. Specs include a 176 degree viewing angle, 7500:1 contrast ratio, built-in Freeview and a 1366 x 768 panel resolution. The connection here? It comes in bright red. A March launch means you'll miss the magic day, however it will make for a good IOU and another chance to have a cosy night on the sofa - or better still in the bedroom.

Nikon S630 digital camera

Nikon's latest red style offering is the S630 which boasts 12 megapixels, a 7x optical zoom Nikkor lens, vibration reduction and a Sure Grip for "comfortable finger fit". The S630 also benefits from the new Blink Proof feature, which combines Smile mode and Blink Warning into one, taking two sequential shots when the subject smiles, and saving the one in which the subject’s eyes are open, great for grabbing that shot of your loved one. Other features include Scene Auto mode, which automatically adjusts the settings to suit the scene, a Sports Continuous mode with up to 10 fps and a Quick Retouch function. It'll be available in Black or like the Nokia; Ruby Red.