One For All has launched the Xsight universal remote control that's capable of controlling up to 18 devices - about 12 more than the average consumer needs, we reckon.

Stating that the "desire to control everything from one remote is no longer a lifestyle choice but a necessity", the company claims ultimate ease of use as the Xsight "sets itself up".

Users just need to select the type of device, and then the brand - from a list of 1000 - and the channel box will do the rest.

Advanced users can set up shortcut keys for access to "favourites", "profiles" and "activities". An example of an activity is to "watch a DVD" where at the press of one button, the remote will select the correct AV channel on the TV, switch on the DVD player and start it playing.

Two models are available, the Colour URC 8602 with a 2.2-inch colour screen and the Touch URC 8603 with a 2.2-inch colour



The Xsight Colour is £99.99 and the Xsight Touch is £129.99, available from Argos.