Okay, we got the Tweet. It has snowed in the UK today, but how are you best going to enjoy it. Here are five snow gadgets for either this time if it lasts that long, or next time so you can be prepared. Snow ball fight anyone?

Useful if you aren't planning on breaking your neck as you stack in on that slippery pavement, Grippers strap around your shoes and give you, you guessed it, extra grip on your feet. "Grippers are a simple silicone sling with super tough metal teeth that slip over almost any shoe, from the dainty to the heavy duty, and give you a grip that you wouldn't believe". So says the blurb at iwantoneofthose.com. No stapling required, they slip on and off very easily, and when you're not wearing them pack into a tidy and small little case that will fit into your pocket, bag, or if you're very organised, the glove box of your car.

The 50ft Snowball Launcher
Available from an online store in Canada (they get lots of snow) the 50ft snowball launcher reportedly does what it says - allows you to launch a snowball attack from afar. According to the blurb, all you have to do is "simply place snow in the forming chamber and close the lid; place one snowball in the muzzle, aim the launcher, and pull back the slingshot mechanism". You get three goes before having to reload the CA$30 machine.

Olympus Tough camera
All that lovely snow means you'll probably want to snap a picture of you playing in it, but the thought of taking out your camera only to get wet and damaged might be stopping you. In steps Olympus with its tough range that is more than capable of taking a beating and a soaking from an inbound snowball.

Skullcandy Terje Nine Headphones with Beanie
If you don't want a little cold to spoil your music listening when out and about then you may want to get a pair of Skullcandy Terje Nine Headphones with optional beanie. Instead of trying to work out how to put a hat on over the top of the headphones, Skullcandy has designed their Terje Nines to have a clip on beanie so you can stay warm and listen to "Let it snow" at the same time.

Hot hand warmers
All that snowball fighting makes for cold hands - gloves or not - you can warm them back up with a hot hand warmer from iwantoneofthose. Click the switch and the gadget springs into action giving you hot hands in seconds lasting for a promised 45 minutes. To use the £3.99 gadget again you just have to chuck it in a bowl of boiling water.