Leyio's "personal sharing device" has launched in the UK that lets you store and share digital information.

With the claim "for the first time, the digital generation is about to take their online experience offline", the PSD lets users exchange digital content away from their computer.

Leyio sees the device used for sharing Facebook information, swapping digital entertainment or exchanging business cards.

The pocket-sized Leyio PSD is described as a high speed module that transmits information between devices via "ultra-wide band" a radio frequency used for short-range high-bandwidth communications.

With 16GB memory, users can send digital content to another Leyio device "with just a flick of the wrist" once the fingerprint scanner has okayed the use.

Leyio says a photo of around 3MB can be exchanged in 0.3 seconds and a personal movie in around 20 seconds, while photos, business cards and web links can be received by another Leyio device almost instantaneously.

The Leyio will work with standard USB sticks too by plugging the USB device into the Leyio to transfer the data.

The Leyio features the "Shuttle", which detaches from the PSD and plugs into the USB port on your computer as a way to transfer files.

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that's said to last for as much as a month of normal usage and up to 6 months in standby mode.

Unfortunately, no word yet on pricing or availability - so we'll bring you more when we have it.