We've brought you news of Aerielle's i2i Stream before, but can now confirm the device's UK launch.

A wireless digital audio device, the i2i Stream is described as "the first solution to allow music lovers to broadcast tunes from any media source, such as iPods, computers, television/entertainment systems, musical instruments, gaming devices to earphones/headphones and speakers of their choice".

The i2i Stream can send and receive CD-quality audio music and sounds within around a 30-foot radius using 2.4GHz transmitters. The gadget offers seven different frequencies and once fully charged, will provide 7 hours of continuous use.

Said to be easy to use, owners will plug one i2i Stream into an audio source, the other into a headset or set of speakers, and the music is said to stream instantly.

The i2i Stream is available now for £68.51 inc VAT for the double pack from www.i2igear.com or www.widget.com.