A new sport called Brush Boarding is hoping to grab the imagination of boarders and surfers looking to train away from the beach and snow.

Created in Devon in the UK, Brush Boarding, according to its creator Kyle Dent, is an X-training activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

"Dudes" wanting to hop on, need only to grab a special pair of gloves (to protect their hands) and a board.

Looking like a giant shoe polishing device, hundreds of brushes rotate on a curved ramp allowing the user to experience a constant wave rather than one that lasts a matter of seconds all without getting wet or cold.

"Brush Boarding builds core strength and fitness while improving balance and co-ordination," says Dent.

Although only one device currently exists, the company behind the system is hoping to make more bigger, taller and longer brush systems so boarders can really get "some air".

"Dudes" wanting to have a go can either catch the Brush Boarding team at an event or at their base in Exeter.