Maplin has announced that they are to sell a new product that could end your package opening woes. The apply named Packbuster has three features that are designed to handle different aspects of package opening. A cutter, the "Blister Buster" and a screwdriver.

This innovation is apparently a response to the growing number of people injuring themselves while carrying out these (oh so tricky) operations.

"The UK National Health Service spends approximately £12 million each year on injuries relating to opening packaging with over 70,000 people attending Accident and Emergency departments", says Maplin.

Until more manufacturers and retailers get with the program and announce "frustration-free" packaging, as per a recent Amazon move, you might find Maplin's latest launch of interest.

The Packbuster is currently available from Maplin stores at a RRP of £3.00 but go to its online shop (link below) and you can pick it up for £1.99.

Let's just hope that the Packbuster doesn't come wrapped in its own plastic clamshell.