Kensington today announced the launch of their new Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit. The title sort of gives away most of the details here...

To make their sunvisor-mountable solution stand out from the rest, the kit comes with three customisable speed dial buttons, to program in your most frequent contacts, work, wife, mistress, etc, so you only need to press the button and that number is dialled.

Cleverly these options are stored with pairing details, so another user could have their work, that hot stud at the office and the salon at their fingertips.

The kit comprises of the main unit which mounts via a spring clip onto your visor, and a 12V power supply for the supplied battery charger. Uniquely you also get two batteries, each giving a cited 10 hours of life, meaning you can always have one on charge whilst using the other, so you’ll never be short of power.

Noise cancellation technology ensures clear conversation using the in-built mic and speaker.

Prices have not been revealed, but it will be available in March.