Navman has announced the launch of three new satnav devices - the S200 Regional, S200 Europe and S300T.

The company says the new models complement the entry-level S100, launched last year, adding Bluetooth connectivity, integrated traffic, European maps and an FM transmitter to the Spirit software platform with "Glide Touch" control system.

Measuring 13.5mm thick, the Spirit series has a 4.3-inch widescreen and offers Naman's Live Local Search facility for instant access to up-to-date details of local shops, restaurants, and attractions.

The devices include a pedestrian mode that includes 2D city maps, building outlines and walking instructions.

There's also text to speech technology that provides spoken next turn road names and numbers in addition to directions, while an FM transmitter enables directions to be played directly through a car radio and speakers.

All three devices use Navman’s new ClearView maps and 3D Junction Views while the S300T also offers free live traffic information and intelligent re-routing options via an integrated TMC receiver with lifetime subscription.

The S200 Regional, S200 European and S300T will be available in the UK from mid-January 2009 with retail pricing starting at £179.99 for the S100 and running to £249.99 for the S300T.