Powermat has unveiled a line of wireless-energy products at this year's CES show.

The new range is capable of delivering real time, wireless charging for portable electronic devices including iPods, iPhones, Blackberry and mobile phones, GPS, handheld games and laptops.

Due to be available for purchase in retail stores in 2009, Powermat will launch over 15 wireless charging products in the next year.

Based on principles of magnetic induction, Powermat technology lets consumers plug in their Powermat and place up to (depending on model) six different Powermat-enabled devices on the mat to charge.

Powermat says that charging occurs at the same rate as if each device were charging with its own charger.

Future applications of the tech will see the Powermats embedded directly into walls, tabletops and other surfaces, meaning your desk could soon become an invisible connectivity point for wire-free energy.