Wowwee has launched a competitor to Sony's Rolly - the Spyball - at CES in Las Vegas.

The new ball shaped robot is a remote controlled, Wi-Fi enabled, transforming robotic ball that you could use to spy on people around your house.

The Spyball spy-cam captures video and still images and is equipped with sleek wheels for fast, smooth mobility and 360-degree turns. Transforming from ball to camera and back again, the Spyball spy-cam moves with stealth and in disguise – perfect for spying on siblings or peeking into the kitchen, say the company.

Users will be able to make an Ad hoc connection via any Wi-Fi-enabled device including a PC, laptop, video game console or even a cell phone without having to go on the Internet.

The included USB cable allows users to configure a simple home network setup process that will allow the Spyball spycam to be controlled from any remote location via the Internet.

No word on price or when it's hitting the UK.

We will keep you posted.