SanDisk has unveiled the new Sansa slotRadio player and line of slotRadio music cards that it says is designed especially for the "casual music consumer" - whatever that means.

A US launch, the Sansa slotRadio player is a portable music device that comes bundled with a slotRadio card preloaded with 1000 songs from the Billboard charts, arranged into a variety of genre-themed playlists.

Aimed at the "time-pressed" that presumably don't have any particular preferences when it comes to music, there's rock, contemporary, country, "and others" organised into themes such as "chillout", and "workout".

The player itself is made of die-cast aluminium, gets a 1.5-inch OLED screen, a belt clip and FM radio, presumably for when the 1000 songs get old.

The slotRadio player is priced at $99.99 - including the 1000 song card - with genre-specific and themed slotRadio cards due to be sold separately at $39.99.