WowWee has announced its newest line of innovations scheduled for release this year.

As well as the company's more usual robotic offerings, it's also introducing a new category of iPod-compatible multimedia pico projectors powered by Texas Instruments' DLP Technology.

WowWee's "Cinemin" suite of ultra-portable multimedia micro projectors are designed to work with mobile devices, such as the Apple iPod and iPhone.

There will be three products in the range, the first of which is the Cinemin Swivel pico projector, described as an affordable lightweight micro projector the size of a "candy bar" featuring 3 hours of battery life for movie watching, full volume control, and a unique adjustable 90-degree hinge for ceiling projection.

The Cinemin Stick pico projector is a compact micro projector with internal memory and an expandable SD card memory slot while the Cinemin Station is said to be an alarm clock-sized media centre and iPod docking station for big pictures with big audio.

Pocket-lint will aim to bring you more from the CES show floor later this week.