Universal Display Corporation has announced that it will exhibit what it describes as a "novel, wrist-worn flexible OLED communication device prototype" at CES.

The prototype device is based on a four-inch flexible OLED display, and was initially developed for military use through a program sponsored by the US Army Communication Electronics Research and Development Engineering Center.

"With the support of the US Department of Defense, this wrist-worn flexible AMOLED communication device, fabricated on metal foil, demonstrates portability, ruggedness and conformability", says Steven V. Abramson, president of Universal Display.

"The device combines the significant energy savings of Universal Display’s phosphorescent OLED technology with the inherent benefits of a flexible OLED into an ultra-thin display with a crisp beautiful picture, a wide viewing angle and a novel form factor. In addition to military field communications, this device suggests a number of exciting possibilities for consumer-oriented products".