Worried parents will soon be able to track their child's movements without them knowing thanks to a new GPS enabled digital watch launching at CES in Las Vegas.

The new watch, called the Nu.M8 is actually a GPS tracking device, but to the child it merely looks like a digital watch.

Parents, deciding to play Big Brother on their little ones can set safe zones that automatically alerts the parents if they move a set distance from their current location, it will also enable them to pinpoint their child's location by checking a website or texting the makers of the service.

The watch can even be set to send an alarm signal if the NU.M8 is forcibly removed from the child’s wrist.

However tracking your child's whereabouts doesn't come cheap. Available in the UK in March and the USA in late spring the system will cost £149.99, plus a monthly subscription charge which varies according to the chosen tariff.