September saw something the UK expected in July, the launch of the iPhone 3G on a pay as you go.

With prices at £349.99 for the 8GBer and and the 16GB version costing £399.99, the 16 September availability did not see huge queues in O2 stores.

The iPhone got another rival in September with the launch of the world's first Android-based phone, the "smarterer, connecteder, funnerer" T-Mobile G1 with Google made by HTC.

Apple was not sitting on its laurels, though, with its September (in time for Christmas) iPod launches seeing the iPod nano going back to the old tall and thin design for the device and other tweaks across the range as well as the launch of iTunes 8.

The N96 got the BBC iPlayer, PC World's Advent netbook got a SIM card slot and Pocket-lint got wind of two big phone launches.

We brought you the news of Nokia's plans to launch the Tube at the start of October, and the information that the as-yet not launched BlackBerry Storm was due to be a Vodafone exclusive.