July kicked off with the launch of Nikon's new D700 digital SLR that boasted 12-megapixels and a two grand price tag, but the biggest launch of the month was an Apple-flavoured effort.

The 11 July saw the iPhone 3G go on sale in the UK. Although not as many queued for the second-gen device as the first, the launch garnered just as many headlines with admin problems marring the device's debut.

The march of the netbooks continued with the 10-inch Advent 4211 netbook launching at PC World for £279 while PS3 owners finally got in-game XMB and trophies thanks to a firmware update.

Rumours of iPhone-rivalling touchscreen phones were rife with the Nokia "Tube" not only leaked in spy-shots, but enjoying a cameo in the new Batman movie.

In addition, BlackBerry's mysterious "Thunder" touchscreen smartphone got snapped unofficially while the launch plans of the Bold became official with multiple operators promising the phone by the end of the year.