For today's Credit Crunch Christmas suggestion we have an idea for those of you who are struggling to think of what to get a parent, PC-ed up grandparent, or anyone for that matter with a large vinyl collection.

It is the ION iTT 05 XL USB turntable, which is currently on offer at Maplin for £59.99, saving you £30 on its previous £89.99 price tag.

This turntable is capable of transferring an analogue signal into a digital one so all your old vinyl music can be downloaded to a PC or Mac.

The deck simply plugs into the USB port at the back of your computer, you then use the software to convert your music to WMA or MP3, copy them onto CD or download the files onto a relevant media player.

It also has a double time function that allows you to speed up the transfer process so you can spend longer listening, rather than downloading.

This along with the fact that no special drivers are required (the deck is compatible with any software that supports USB audio input sound cards) plus the a spare stylus that is thrown in, makes for a great gift.

Not only can you save £30, but imagine the saving for the person you're buying for, who won't need to re-purchase their entire record collection in a digital format.

So if you've left the pressie buying a bit late, then get down to Maplin. There is a link below to the Maplin site's store finder, so you can check availability before you make the trek.

Check back tomorrow for the last of our Christmas gift suggestions.