After months of speculation, rumours, leaks, and photoshopped pics cluttering up the interweb, June saw Apple finally unveil the iPhone 3G.

In addition, the fruity one also graced the UK with movies on iTunes in the UK, with same-day-as-DVD rentals and downloads as we played catch-up with the States.

The Acer Aspire One launched in June, a good few months after its rival the Asus Eee, while Asus made their SKUs increasingly complicated with 901 and 1000 models launched here too.

Samsung gave business users touch with the Omnia i900 while eBay was ordered to pay out £30 million as penalty for allowing fake products to be sold on the site.

Finally, June saw Bill Gates' last full working week at Microsoft as he officially retired, saying a teary goodbye to the company he'd built, and worked at since the age of 17.