May saw things really hotting up on the next-gen, 3G, iPhone rumour front, especially with reports of stock shortages of the existing models with O2's site at one point declaring the 8GB and 16GB iPhone "no longer available" in the UK.

For those that wanted a touchscreen smartphone but didn't want to go down the Apple route, HTC launched its HTC Diamond, describing the Windows Mobile handset its most user-friendly to date.

And, for those that wanted a high-end smartphone but not touch, RIM obliged with the BlackBerry Bold with HSDPA, as well as integrated GPS and Wi-Fi.

On the gaming front, Grand Theft Auto IV was crowned biggest selling game ever and sold almost a million copies in 5 days.

May also saw the launch of Freesat, ITV and the Beeb's free-to-view satellite television and radio service that promised 200 channels by the end of 2008. The service currently offers around 140.