It was no April Fool as Microsoft chose the 1st of April to release Windows Mobile 6.1, although there were plenty floating round on the web, including a nice one from Google that saw every video on YouTube's homepage turn into a RickRoll.

Apple and the iPhone made major headlines throughout the month with supposed leaks and spy shots of the 3G version of the mobile.

These rumours intensified when O2 announced they were slashing £100 off the cost of the 8GB model, dropping the price to £169, surely, it was speculated at the time, to get rid of stock before the second gen launch?

A big launch from the BBC saw the iPlayer catch-up TV service announced for the Wii, while a disgruntled PS3 owner developed an unofficial work-around.

April was a big month for the iPlayer as Virgin Media cable TV customers were the next to be granted access, marking the first TV platform in the UK to offer the popular service.