The month of March started well for consumers with Microsoft announcing price cuts across its entire Xbox 360 range in Europe.

In an attempt to compete with the Nintendo Wii - which was kicking Microsoft's pants in terms of sales figures - the lesser specced 360 was positioned as an affordable (£159) family friendly option, described at the time as a "mass market entertainment proposition".

PS3 owners also got good news during the month, with free firmware update 2.20 that brought Profile 2.0 Blu-ray functionality to the console, such as BD-Live, at the time making the PS3 arguably the best value, and best specced, Blu-ray player on the market.

The CeBIT show took place in Germany during March which saw a plethora of minor tech launches, but the most significant of the show was Asus finally officially launching a Windows XP version of the Eee, something that would spell sales doom for the now much less popular Linux version.