February 2008 was all about the mobile phone, not really surprising considering it was the month that saw the Mobile World Congress annual event.

One notable big launch from the show was the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, an "arc slider" that would herald the launch of the new Xperia panel-based platform, although the device would not go on sale in the UK until much later in the year - in September.

Nokia chose February to launch its 16GB N96 while Apple upped the capacity of its iPhone to 16GB, joining the 8GB model already available.

Elsewhere Play.com delivered iTunes a competitive blow with the launch of its DRM-free digital music service, the Wii Fit was also announced.

Finally, Toshiba officially ended the high-def format war by stopping production of HD DVD players, and announced that it did not have any plans to join the Blu-ray team - a promise it has stuck to.