Today's Credit Crunch Christmas idea is a handy little eco solution for when your mobile phone power's down, leaving you offline and alone.

Never fear because the solar keychain is here. Available from Firebox for £14.95, as the name suggests it is a portable solution to get you out of a jam when your mobile runs out of charge.

The solar keychain, once plugged into your phone via the relevant adapter (there are lots included) should give 15 to 25 minutes of charge, which should be enough to make that important phone call home or call a cab at the end of the evening.

The solar keychain could be the ideal pressie for offspring who consistently use the excuse that the reason they are late and didn't call was because their "mobile ran out of charge" or equally good in a genuine emergency, whether in a town centre or stuck on the motorway.

The device has an internal battery that takes around 10 hours to charge either by the sun's rays or USB, and it isn't just phones that the solar keychain can be used for, as long as it has that USB port, any gadget is fair game for some solar re-charging.

Click on the link below to take you directly to the Firebox website, and see you tomorrow for more Christmas bargains.