Following rumours this year of a solar-powered iPod, Singapore-based Shiro has launched a solar media player. The Shiro SQ-S looks like a standard MP3 and video player, but with one key difference - solar photovoltaic cells on the back that, its makers claim, will fully recharge the gadget in four hours of sun. Judging from Pocket-lint's experience of pocket-sized solar chargers, that figure will be a lot longer in the UK.

Solar aside, the SQ-S is a fairly standard media player, supporting a bunch of music formats including the open-source codec of choice, Ogg Vorbis. It also has an FM tuner, video playback and will be available in capacities up to 16GB. Battery life is reportedly 35 hours for music, and Brits will be pleased to hear it can also charge via USB as as well as solar.

There are no details yet of a UK launch. In the meantime, your best bet for a green media player is one of the wind-up models on the market, such as the £130 Eco Media Player Revolution and £40 Verio Wind-Up MP3 Player.