A new solar charger promises to power your gadgets for longer. The Battech iPower SX enters a crowded solar charging market dominated by Solio, Powertraveller and Solar Technology, but hopes to win fans with its high capacity battery.

While the iPower SX solar panel is relatively small - and British winter isn't the best time to power a solar charger - it can store a lot of charge thanks to a 2200mAh battery.

That's nearly double some cheap solar chargers. A full charge from the rival Freeloader charger, for example, will provide an iPod Classic with 18 hours of battery life. The iPower SX should keep it running for 50 hours. Another one-up over the Freeloader is the iPower SX's inclusion of an indicator to show the battery level.

Like most solar chargers, this newbie works with phones including the iPhone and Nokias, plus handheld consoles, MP3 players and cameras. When the sun's not shining, you can use it as a backup battery by topping it up via a computer's USB port.

The iPower SX is on sale now for £40.