IBM has announced that it is going to buy Transitive, the company that helped Apple move to Intel chips.

The California-based company was party to the creation of Apple Rosetta, but also, according to ZDNet "eased a number of different architecture transitions in the tech world, including SGI's move from MIPS to Itanium processors as well as an effort by Intel to attract Sun customers".

And IBM was also one of its customers.

There are no details as yet as to how much IBM is paying.

It has, however, released a statement: "Transitive is a leader in cross-platform virtualisation and a pioneer in developing technologies that allow applications written for one type of microprocessor and operating system to run on multiple platforms - with little or no modification".

"As a result, the technology will enable customers to consolidate their Linux-based applications onto the IBM systems that make the most sense for their business needs."

The deal is expected to close next month.