Navigon is offering some special satnav features as upgrade options.

Landmark View3D, Curve Warning, Text-to-Speech and Reality View Pro are all available now via Navigon FreshMaps.

Landmark View3D displays points-of-interest and sights across Europe realistically and three-dimensionally on the navigation map.

Navigon says this makes orientation easier. Available for Navigon 2200 or 2210 owners, it's priced at £14.99.

The Curve Warner function will let users know in advance about 55,000 dangerous curves across Europe. Available for the Navigon 2200, 2210, 1200 and 1210, it's priced at £9.99.

Reality View Pro reproduces every motorway intersection and every exit photo-realistically - including the navigation arrow on the correct lane. This feature is available for the Navigon 1200 or 1210 for £24.99.

Text-to-Speech will give announcements like "turn right into High Street" rather than "turn right now". Available for the Navigon 1200 and 1210, it's £14.99.

Safety camera updates are also available for a range of Navigon devices for £24.99.