OK so "Jules", the androgynous robot is a little creepy looking, but he/she/it is also amazing.

This robot has been trained to detect and replicate ten emotions including happiness, sadness and concern.

The software behind these capabilities was developed over 3.5 years by a team at Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL), run by the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol.

Jules' head was commissioned from US roboticist David Hanson.

Jules has video camera eyes which scan faces for expressions and movements, which the robot then converts in digital instructions and then replicates on his own "face" using 34 internal motors.

The Telegraph reports that "Jules can interpret the commands at 25 frames per second, allowing it to mirror even the most subtle movements of its partner almost instantly".

The hope is this technology will lead to the creation of a generation of lifelike robots, which we humans will feel comfortable interacting with.