Navteq GPS system owners can now download two new tools - which have been released for beta testing.

In these times of mounting petrol prices and sinking spending, the company has come up with a tool that will help you find the cheapest place to fill up your tank.

Navteq's Fuel Prices enables searches for the lowest available price for diesel and Ethanol/E85 as well as regular, mid-grade and premium petrol.

It builds on an option that allowed drivers of hybrid and other lower-emission passenger or light commercial vehicles to locate specific fuel types.

And drivers can programme their system so that the Fuel Prices data pops up when they have driven a certain number of miles or their fuel gauge gets to a specified level of emptiness.

The second tool under test is Air Travel Status which gives details on US airports and the thousands of flights going through them.

Details include current weather conditions, overall delay status and average security line wait times.

Both tools are available for beta testing, and will launch commercially early next year.