H20 Audio has announced the launch of the iDive 300, a waterproof deep dive iPod case and over the ear speakers that enable divers to listen to music to an "astonishing" 300 feet or 90 metres.

Apparently the product of years of research and development, H2O Audio is the first company in the UK to launch a music product to withstand the depths required for diving.

The iDive 300 works through placing the iPod inside, then the locking cam knob, robust seal, and durable polycarbonate construction all ensure that the iPod stays dry while delivering high quality audio during the dive.

The iDive 300 allows full control of click wheel and touch screen iPods while deep below while the built in amplifier claims to ensure high quality audio performance.

Angled as ideal for boring decompression sessions, the H2O Audio iDive 300 is available now priced £349.95 and can be purchased online at www.h2oaudio.co.uk.