British designers have developed a "low cost" 3D webcam system that will launch towards the end of the year.

The Minoru webcam has two cameras spaced roughly the same distance apart as human eyes, for the necessary stereoscopic effect.

This creates an "anthropomorphic" look that means users tend to look into the eyes of the camera as they light up.

The webcam has a multi-position stand that can sit or stand on a desk, or perch on a monitor.

Viewers wear special coloured glasses to see the 3D image, with five pairs bundled in with the hardware.

The webcam can be used with Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL instant messenger, OoVoo and other video conferencing packages.

The camera can also be used to take still pictures or record 3D video for YouTube and be used as a "normal" 2D webcam.

The Minoru 3D webcam will ship in December, pricing hasn't yet been set, but it should be under $100.