For all of you out there who are health-conscious enough to do exercise occasionally, and enjoy pounding up and down a swimming pool, here's a device that could make the experience a little more enjoyable.

The Soundwave is the latest waterproof MP3 player from Freestyle.

It is completely submersible down to 10 feet and also features a shock resistant design so hopefully won't break if you drop it by the side of the pool in your post-lap exhaustion.

It will store up to 2GB of audio data, including MP3, WMA, and DRM protected files, but also has an FM tuner with channel presets.

You can see what track you are listing to on the black and blue OLED screen.

With the player, you get an armstrap, but the device will float if it becomes detached.

You also get waterproof earbuds but the standard jack means that you can connect other headphones if you want.

A USB cable is included, with file transfer supported from either Windows or Mac platforms.

Last up - the internal rechargeable battery is claimed to offer up to 18 hours of playtime per charge.

The Soundwave player is available now for $90 in blue or $100 in camouflage.