Fujitsu has announced its new PalmSecure Login Kit and Mouse Login Kit.

Aimed at both individuals and businesses, these kits offer users high security through a palm vein biometric sensor and master password control on desktop and mobile PCs.

Fujitsu says as the system is based on biometrics rather than passwords, it is virtually impossible to manipulate or falsify.

The Login Kit combines a Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor with Softex OmniPass Windows Log-in and Single Sign-On software.

PalmSecure detects the structure of the veins in the palm of the human hand by emitting an infrared beam, which is absorbed by the blood, causing the vein pattern to be revealed. The generated image is digitised, encrypted and finally stored as a registered template.

The kits are available as a sensor with USB plug-in, and sensor holder, or with the sensor uniquely integrated into an optical mouse and are available throughout Europe now.