The LinkStation Live NAS is a storage device that will stream data direct to your PC, Mac or even the iPhone.

The company has now updated the device and added new features including a power saving function, which will allow the user to set timings so pick when the device will go into sleep mode, or when it should be awake.

The Web Access feature has also been improved so that users can now access and stream media content stored on the device via their Apple iPhone, as well as to any PC or Mac web browser.

iPhone owners just have to log onto and then enter the registered name of their LinkStation.

"Users can then immediately connect to their digital content and choose to download files, stream music and videos, or view photos", explains Buffalo.

The manufacturer adds that it has added a built-in BitTorrent Client which means that files can be downloaded directly to the LinkStation without the need for the PC to be on for the duration of the process.

Also worth a mention is the integration with iTunes 7, ability to expand capacity by adding USB 2.0 hard drive, and the Memeo AutoBackup software options.

The LinkStation Live LS-CH500L (500GB) is £124.99 while the 1.0TB version is £169.99.